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Extensive line of heavy duty, high leverage compression crimping tools featuring adjustable, revolving crimping dies ranging in size from 10AWG (6.00mm2) to 250/300MCM (150.00mm2).

These compression crimpers are offered with Hexagonal Crimping configuration (HX Series) and Single Indent configuration (CT Series).

This product line features revolving crimping dies which allow for quick and easy size adjustment.

Hexagonal (Series HX) and Single Indent (Series CT) configurations meet the crimping requirements of a vast number of electrical components, including:

  • Aluminum lugs and connectors from 10AWG to 250/300MCM (6.00mm2 to150.00mm2)

  • Single insulated and uninsulated wire ferrules

  • Blackburn compression lugs and connectors

  • All code copper compression lugs

Compression Lugs Crimping Tools

FDHX50 - Compression Lugs Crimper - 10 to 1 AWG (6.00 to 50.00mm2)
Code: FDHX50
Price: $58.00

FDHX120 - Compression Lugs Crimper - 8 AWG to 4/OD (10.00 to 120.00mm2)
Code: FDHX120
Price: $120.00

FDHX150 - Compression Lugs Crimper - 4 AWG to 250MCM (25.00 to 150.00mm2)
Code: FDHX150
Price: $120.00

FDCT38 - Terminal Crimping Tool - 8 AWG to 2 AWG (10.00mm² to 38.00mm²)
Code: FDCT38
Price: $76.00

FDCT80 - Compression Lugs Crimper - 8 AWG to 3/OD (10.00 to 95.00mm2)
Code: FDCT80
Price: $108.00

FDCT150 - Compression Lugs Crimper - 6 AWG to 250MCM (16.00 to 150.00mm2)
Code: FDCT150
Price: $144.00

FEK50 Pneumatic Crimping Tool for Compression Lugs and Related Terminals
Code: FEK50
Price: $890.00

FDH10120 - Compression Lug Hydraulic Press Kit - 10mm² - 120mm² (8AWG - 4 O/D)
Code: FDH10120
Price: $299.00

FDH16300 - Compression Lug Hydraulic Press Kit - 16mm² - 300mm² (6AWG - 550MCM)
Code: FDH16300
Price: $369.00

FDH16240 - Compression Lug Hydraulic Press Kit - 16mm² - 240mm² (6AWG - 450MCM)
Code: FDH16240
Price: $349.00

FD300K - Pneumatic Crimping Press for Compression Lugs
Code: FD300K
Price: $1,490.00