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Single Insulated Ferrules - AD15012-L

Single Insulated Ferrules - AD15012-L
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Code: AD15012L
Price: $10.33
AWG: 16 (1.31mm2)
Color: Black
Qty: 500

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Cross Reference:
Altech Corp: 2843.0
American Electrical: 11121015
WAGO: 216-264

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Single Insulated Wire Ferrules - AD15012L

L1 L2 D D1 D2
18.0mm (.709")
12.0mm (.472")
2.0mm (.079")
1.4mm (.055")
3.8mm (.150")
Material: Copper, electrolytically tin plated
Stripping Length: 1mm longer than the ferrule's pin
CE Certified
RoHS Compliant
Maximum Electrical Rating: 105°C (221°F) - 600 Volts
Maximum Electrical Current: 18A

Insulated or Non-Insulated Wiring Ferrules' Suitable Use
Any manufacturer's ferrules are suitable for use provided they are:

A. Used in factory wiring, power circuits and other control devices.
B. Crimped with manufacturer recommended tools before connecting in terminal blocks, wire connectors or other end-product terminals (such as starters, etc.).
C. Sized to the appropriate wire # (single/double), wire type (stranded/solid) and wire gauge (AWG/mm2) as recommended by the manufacturer.
D. Used with stripped and trimmed copper wire. Ensuring all strands are secured in the barrel, minimizing any excess live connections and electrical spacing.

(*) UL Bulletin dated January 17, 2013 titled "Use of Wiring Ferrules and UPS Equipment in Industrial Control Panels".

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