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SK700SQ - Deluxe Starter Kit + FD2810SQ Tool - W Series (alternate)

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SKU SK700SQ-AW25010
Quantity: 1 Kit
  • SK700SQ - W Series - Contents

Ferrules Direct now offers our signature Deluxe Starter Kits with selectable tool options! Simply choose your preferred tool from the list above, enter the desired kit quantity, then add to cart. You can still order your favorite SK700, SK700SQ, or SK700HX kit, just now in a choose-your-own-tool format.


Contents of Kit - Quick Refill Information
Stock # Color Size Stripping Length Quantity
Single Insulated Ferrules
AW05008 Orange 0.50mm2 (22AWG) 8mm 500
AW07508 White 0.75mm2 (20AWG) 8mm 500
AW10008 Yellow 1.00mm2 (18AWG) 8mm 500
AW15008 Red 1.50mm2 (16AWG) 8mm 350
AW25010 Blue 2.50mm2 (14AWG) 10mm 250
AW40010 Gray 4.00mm2 (12AWG) 10mm 200
AW60012 Black 6.00mm2 (10AWG) 12mm 100
Twin Wire Ferrules
TW05008 Orange 2x0.50mm2 (2x22AWG) 8mm 250
TW07508 White 2x0.75mm2 (2x20AWG) 8mm 250
TW10008 Yellow 2x1.00mm2 (2x18AWG) 8mm 250
TW15008 Red 2x1.50mm2 (2x16AWG) 8mm 200
TW25010 Blue 2x2.50mm2 (2x14AWG) 10mm 100