FD1300x3 - Combination Mini Wire Cutter, Stripper and Crimper

SKU FD1300X3

FD1300x3 - Combination Mini Wire Cutter, Stripper & Crimper

We proudly offer three of our most popular tools as a combination set: the FD1300x3! Wire termination as simple as 1...2...3!

1) With your FD1311 cutting tool in hand, simply cut your wiring to the desired length.

2) Next up, select the FD1301 stripping tool for easy removal of the sheathing.

3) Finally, you complete the termination using the FD1321 tool for Insulated Terminals.

These three tools create a seamless wire termination process from start to finish. They are the perfect size for any application and fit nicely in a tool compartment, or even your pocket.


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