MDD1-250 - MALE - 22-16AWG Double Crimp Quick Disconnects - Vinyl

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Range: 22-16AWG PART DESCRIPTION: Insulated Male Double Crimp Quick Disconnect Terminal
Rating: 3-10AMP - 105°C - 600V TOLERANCES See Technical Drawing
NEMA TAB: .032x.250" (0.8x6.35mm) COLOR: RED
L 21.8mm(.858") MATERIAL (Insulation): Vinyl
F 7.7mm(.303") MATERIAL (Connector): Brass and Copper
W 6.35mm(.250") ELECTRICAL RATING: 105ºC 600 Volt Max
T .4mm(.016") UL RECOGNIZED: YES
B 10.5mm(.413") ROHS COMPLIANT: YES
D 4mm(.157") CE CERTIFIED: YES
C 1.7mm(.067")    
  1. Made of tin plated brass and insulated with Vinyl.
  2. Create a splice when fitted together to easily connect or disconnect without causing damage to the terminal or insulation
  3. Double Crimp copper sleeve provides maximum electrical conductivity, strengthens barrel and protects wire against stress and high vibration
  4. Tolerances may vary from item to item. Please consult the product's Technical Drawing.