RNB14-12 - Non Insulated Ring Terminal - 6 AWG - 1/2" Stud

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Ring terminals offer a tight and secure connection in high vibration areas. The brazed seam construction protects the terminal's barrel from splitting when crimped.

Dimensions & Features:

Wire Size: 6 AWG
Stud Size: 1/2" Stud
T: 1.5mm (0.059")
L: 19.8mm (0.780")
F: 41.0mm (1.614")
E: 10.5mm (0.415")
W: 22.0mm (0.866")
D: 9.0mm (0.354")
D1: 5.8mm (0.228")
D2: 13.0mm (0.511")
Material: Tin Plated Copper
Max Electrical Rating: 150°C - 600 Volts
Max Electrical Current: 95A
UL Approved: Yes
CE Certified: Yes
RoHS Compliant: Yes

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