What is SPT Wire? What is the Difference Between SPT-1 vs SPT-2 Wire?

What is SPT Wire? What is the Difference Between SPT-1 vs SPT-2 Wire?


First and foremost: what is SPT Wire?! It is as portable cable meant for household appliances and light-duty applications. SPT wire can also be referred to as lamp cord, lamp cable, or SPT cable. It is easily recognizable due to the variety of common uses and found in the majority of households used in radios, fans, clocks, extension cords, etc. It is also a popular cord for Christmas holiday lighting decorations as well.

SPT-2 wire has 50% thicker insulation compared to the SPT-1 (.03-inches vs .045-inches). Because of the thicker insulation, SPT-2 wire is recommended for lower temperature applications where the thinner insulation might become brittle, which leads to cracking. On the flipside SPT-1 wire has thinner insulation thus making it more pliable. It also has less of an environmental impact due to a lower carbon footprint. Power handling does not change between the two and SPT-2 is typically more expensive than SPT-1. The maximum amperage load is determined by the amount of copper in the wire and the length of the wire being used. Short runs of 50-feet or less carry the maximum amps available but this slowly decreases beyond 50-feet. Ex: 1-50ft: 10 Amps, 50-150ft: 7 Amps, 150ft-above: 5 Amps.

While we at Ferrules Direct do not carry the wire itself, we do offer a variety of accessories that go hand in hand with SPT-1 and SPT-2 wire. Updated links provided below as we expand our product lines: 



This information should only be used as a reference and not taken as expert advice. Always consult a licensed electrician.