Crimping Tool Calibration Services

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Calibration Procedure:

  • One terminal and one corresponding wire for each size covered by the tool is collected for the operation.
  • Each wire is stripped according to specifications.
  • Wire is inserted in corresponding terminal and crimped.
  • Crimped terminal is loaded on testing device.
  • Crimped terminal is pulled until it reaches its target value (click HERE to view specifications table), then kept at that value for 60 seconds.
  • Testing Device pulls crimped terminal until wire snaps off the terminal.
  • Resulting value is recorded in FerrulesDirect database and a suitable Calibration Certificate is issued to customer.
    This Calibration Certificate includes:
    • Date of Test
    • Tool’s Model #
    • Tool’s Serial Number
    • Specifications tool was tested against
    • Table showing test results
    • Signature of testing technician


Wherever possible, FerrulesDirect will provide the necessary wires and terminals used to perform the calibration testing. If either wires or terminals are not available to FerrulesDirect, it will then become customer’s responsibility to supply the items necessary for the testing.