FD120K - Pneumatic Press for Ferrules - Square Profile - 24 AWG - 300MCM

FD120K Pneumatic Crimping Press
  • "Plug 'n Play" Pneumatic Press for wire ferrules with interchangeable crimping dies. Quick and easy to install, easier to operate.
  • Crimping Range:
    • 24AWG to 4AWG
    • 2AWG to 3/O
    • 4/O to 300MCM
  • Output Force: 2.5 tons (5,511 pound-force)
  • Recommended Operating Pressure: 80-100psi
  • Crimping Press Dimensions: 275x128x146mm (10.8x5.0x5.7")
  • Weight (crimping press only): 6.5 Kilos (14.3 lbs)
  • FD120K press is offered as a complete kit, which includes press, foot pedal and air tubing. Crimping dies are sold separately.

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