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FD332 - Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper

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Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper

Suitable for stripping the following cables:

  • RG-58, RG59, RG62, RG6

Operating Instructions:

Stripping Length: This tool strips cables of three different lengths: 6mm (RG6 - 5C2V), 8mm (RG-58 - 3C2V), and 9mm (RG-59/62 - 4C2V)

Blade's Depth Adjustment: remove the hex wrench stored underneath the tool and insert it into the blade's depth adjuster located at the bottom of the same tool. Rotate the hex wrench clockwise to cut smaller cables, counterclockwise for larger cables. Repeat the same operation for the other blade.

Stripping Procedures:

  1. Use the tip of hex wrench to push the V-block out of the housing. Align the desired value (6, 8, 9 or D) to the triangle ◄ and push the V-block back inside its housing.
  2. Push down the knurled portion of the tool to open stripping jaws.
  3. Insert the cable through the V-block until it rests on the V-shaped cable support.
  4. Release the knurled portion of the tool to close the jaws.
  5. Insert your index finger into the tool's ring and turn the the tool clockwise 1-4 times.
  6. Open jaws and remove the stripped cable.