FD600N - Stainless Steel Cable Tie Fastening Tool


Steel Cable Tie Fastening Tool

Description: Heavy duty steel cable tie fastening gun with adjustable tension dial. Suitable for 4.8mm and 7.9mm wide steel cable ties

  • Specifications::
    • Body: Steel
    • Length: 180mm (7.1")
    • Weight: 1.23lbs (19.7oz)
    • Maximum Cable Tie Thickness: 0.3mm (0.1")
    • Maximum Cable Tie Width: 7.9mm (0.31")

Operating Instructions

Ferrules Direct’s FD600N is an automatic fastening tool that works with stainless steel cable ties. having a maximum width of 7.9mm (.31”). It tightens the cable ties to the selected tension and automatically cuts them without leaving any sharp edge.


  • Loop the stainless steel cable tie around the item to be fastened. Pull the cable tie together by hand.


  • Using the knob at the bottom of the tool, select the desired fastening tension.
    Clockwise: Tension is decreased
    Counterclockwise: Tension is increased


  • Slide the stainless steel cable tie through the slots in front of the tool


  • Pull the tool’s handle until it automatically cuts off the stainless steel cable tie.