FDFNYD1-110(5) - FEMALE - 22-16AWG Fully Insulated Double Crimp - Nylon

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Quick disconnects form a splice when fitted together and can be easily disconnected without causing damage to the terminal or insulation. Double crimp copper sleeve provides maximum electrical conductivity, strengthens the barrel, and protects the wire against stress and high vibration.

Dimensions & Features:

Wire Size: 22-16 AWG
Color: Red
W: 3.2mm (0.13")
F: 6.4mm (0.25")
L: 19.5mm (0.77")
B: 11mm (0.43")
D: 4mm (0.16")
T: 0.3mm (0.012")
Nema Tab: 0.5mm x 2.8mm (0.020" x 0.110")
Material: Tin Plated Brass
Max Electrical Rating: 105°C - 600 Volts
Max Electrical Current: 10 AMP
UL Approved:
CE Certified:
RoHS Compliant:

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