FDH16240 - Compression Lug Hydraulic Press Kit - 16mm² - 240mm² (6AWG - 450MCM)

SKU FDH16240

Hydraulic Press Kit for Compression Lugs

    • Description: Hydraulic crimping press consisting of 10 crimping dies,  one crimping press and  one sturdy plastic case. Crimping dies have the following sizes: (Crimping Dies NOT suited for Wire Ferrules)
        • 16.00mm2 (6AWG)
        • 25.00mm2 (4AWG)
        • 35.00mm2 (2AWG)
        • 50.00mm2 (1AWG)
        • 70.00mm2 (2/OD)
        • 95.00mm2 (3/OD)
        • 120.00mm2 (4/OD)
        • 150.00mm2 (250MCM)
      • 185.00mm2 (300MCM)
      • 240.00mm2 (450MCM)
    • Crimping Profile: Hexagonal
    • Crimping Range:
      • Compression Lugs: 6AWG to approximately 450MCM (16.00mm2 to 240.00mm2)
    • ROHS Compliant? Yes