FDT10053D - Flag Terminals Crimping Die - 22-14AWG


Crimping Die for Flag Terminals

This die set suitable for crimping both 22-18AWG (red) and 16-14AWG (blue) insulated flag terminals. It has two color-coded slots for easy crimping identification and insertion. It works with all of the compatible tools listed below or can be purchased as a complete die set and tool handle assembly, sold separately under part #: FDT10053.
  • Description:
    • Crimping Die for Flag Terminals - Insulated
    • Tool handle not included
  • Crimping Range (two slots):
    • 22 to 18 AWG (0.50mm2 to 1.00mm2)
    • 16 to 14 AWG (1.50mm2 to 2.50mm2)
  • Compatible with the following FerrulesDirect tools:  
    • FD110K
    • FD100K
    • FDT10058 (as interchangeable die)
    • FDT10052A  (as interchangeable die)
    • FD1025RV  (as interchangeable die)
    • FD3550RV  (as interchangeable die)
    • FDT10011  (as interchangeable die)
    • FDT10023  (as interchangeable die)
    • FDT11GVT  (as interchangeable die)