FDT10058D - Insulated Flag Terminals Crimping Die - 12-10AWG


Crimping Die for Insulated Flag Terminals

This die set is suitable for crimping 12-10 AWG (yellow) insulated flag terminals and has one central slot for insertion of the flag terminal. It works with all of the compatible tools listed below or it can also be purchased as a complete die-set-and-tool-handle-assembly, sold separately under part #: FDT10058.

  • Description:
    • Crimping Die for Flag Terminals - Insulated
    • Tool handle not included
  • Crimping Range (one slot):
    • 12 to 10 AWG (4.00mm2 to 6.00mm2)
  • Compatible with the following FerrulesDirect tools:  
    • FD110K
    • FD100K
    • FDT10053 (as interchangeable die)
    • FDT10052A  (as interchangeable die)
    • FD1025RV  (as interchangeable die)
    • FD3550RV  (as interchangeable die)
    • FDT10011  (as interchangeable die)
    • FDT10023  (as interchangeable die)
    • FDT11GVT  (as interchangeable die)