LBF25078 - 90 Degree Long Barrel Compression Lug - 250MCM - 7/8" Stud

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Compression lugs are designed to terminate copper conductors. Each lug is electro-tin plated to resist corrosion. Ferrules Direct compression lugs are installed using our crimping tools as well as industry standard ones.

Dimensions & Features:

Wire Size: 250MCM
Stud Size: 7/8" Stud
Color: Yellow
A: 19.1mm (0.75")
B: 40.1mm (1.58")
C: 16.0mm (0.63")
D: 30.48mm (1.20")
E: 23.1mm (0.910")
G: 17.78mm (0.70")
Material: Tin Plated Copper
CE Certified: Yes
RoHS Compliant: Yes
UL Approved: Yes
Temperature Rating: 90°C
Max Electrical Rating: 35 KV
Max Electrical Current: 255A

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