6 AWG (16mm Pin) Non Insulated Ferrules

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A Wire Ferrule is a connector used to terminate stranded wires (sometimes referred to as a cord end terminal or bootlace ferrule). Traditionally a wire ferrule is crimped to a stranded wire using a crimping tool (compression, ratchet, or pneumatic mechanism), thus turning the stranded wire into a solid one.

Wire Ferrules are offered without insulation (Non-Insulated Wire Ferrules), with plastic insulation for single wires (Single Insulated Wire Ferrules) and with a plastic insulation to accommodate two wires (Twin Wire Ferrules). Wire Ferrules are offered in Strips or Spools to be used with automatic crimping machines or multi-function crimping tools.

Wire Size: 8 AWG UL Approved: Yes
Material: Tin-Plated Copper CE Certified: Yes
L1: 16mm (.629") RoHS Compliant: Yes
D: 6.4mm (.25") Max Electrical Rating: Up to 2000V
D1: 5.8mm (.23") Max Electrical Current: 95A
D2: 7.8mm (.31")


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Cembre: KE1616ST

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How to Crimp a Wire Ferrule?