Cable Slitter for Large Size Cables



Easy to use cable stripper for cables with a diameter larger than 1" (25mm)
Cutting Depth: .20" (5mm)

Operating Instructions:

  • Adjust cutting depth by turning red knob.
    • Turn knob clockwise to increase depth of blade
    • Turn knob counterclockwise to decrease depth of blade
  • Place tip of blade over the top of cable and, holding thumb firmly on top of cable slitter, begin to push handle downwards. The slitter's blade begins to cut through the cable's insulation. Repeat this operation until the desired slit is obtained. (see Figure 2)
  • Turn the  tool 90° to begin the slitting operation around cable (see Figure 3) Continue this operation until cable insulation is completely removed.
  • For additional information, please click on the Video tab.