SCD1-3 - Die for FDZ400 Hydraulic Tool - 4AWG, 1AWG (21.2mm², 25.00mm² and 50mm²).


SCD1-3 Precision CNC machined die set for wire ferrules

  • Crimping Range: 4AWG, 1AWG (21.2.00mm2, 25.00mm2 and 50.00mm2)
  • Ferrule Sizes: SF2120++ N2500++ and N5000++
  • Die's Crimping Impression: Trapezoidal
  • To be used with FerrulesDirect's FDZ400 or FDX400 hydraulic crimping presses.
  • IMPORTANT: Conductors' diameters vary from class to class, therefore it is impossible to assign the correct ferrule size. To correctly match conductor with ferrule, measure conductor's diameter, then search ferrule's inside diameter value (D1 Column in Uninsulated Wire Ferrules page).