FD-S501A - Universal Wire Stripping Tool


Universal Stripping Tool

Please check instructions below:

  • Flat Cable Stripper (1): Insert Cable between stripper blades. Squeeze handles and make sure cable is kept perpendicularly. Pull cable away from tool.
    • Stranded Phone Wires, type 2P, 4P, 6P, 8P, 10P etc.
    • Intercom/Alarm wire/2-Cond. Speaker Wire 22-18AWG, SPT-1 Electric Wire
  • Round Cable Stripper (2): Insert cable into appropriate opening and rotate 1 to 3 times counterclockwise. Remove stripped cable.
    • Round Cables: 16 to 12 AWG, SPT-1 Electric Wire.
    • Assorted Modular Wires: UTP, STP, Data Communication Wires and Network Cables.
    • Multi-Conductor Cables with OD Insulation ranging from 3.2mm to 9.5mm (0.125" to 0.375).
  • Cable Size Adjusting Bolt