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Call Us: 1-877-FERRULE | Orders Placed by 3PM Ship Same Day*
Call Us: 1-877-FERRULE | Orders Placed by 3PM Ship Same Day*

Tool Calibration Services

Ferrules Direct is offering calibration services for crimping tools ranging in size from 28 AWG to 1 AWG (.08 mm2 to 50.00 mm2). In order to ensure that crimps meet a specific level of security and quality, it is very important to maintain the tool properly, including its calibration. To perform the required tests accurately and precisely, it is necessary that the customer sends us two wire samples per size as well as five samples each of the terminals to be crimped. We can make these wires and terminals available at an additional charge. Each wire sample should be ten inches in length. Click here to purchase our tool calibration service.

Calibration Steps

  1. A suitable terminal crimped on a stranded wire is loaded onto the appropriate manual tensile strength (pull force) testing device. The wire’s strands may protrude slightly off of the wire ferrule.
  2. After reaching the target value, the conductor is kept at said value for 60 seconds, during which time the wire ferrule must remain on the wire and cannot move noticeably.
  3. The pull out tension is subsequently increased at a rate of 25mm/min until the wire ferrule is pulled off the wire (destructive test).
  4. The resulting values are recorded in our database and printed on the test card that accompanies every tested crimping tool.
  5. A suitable serial number is applied inside the handle of the crimping tool. This marking procedure is necessary to ensure the tool’s identification for future calibration services.

Calibration Equipment

Ferrules Direct utilizes the following Imada equipment:

  1. NPT-220 System with
  • WG-3 Multi-Terminal Grip
  • NHN-220 Vertical Wheel Test Stand with
  • DS2-220 (220lbf capacity with 0.1 lbf resolution)
  • WG-100 Vise Chuck
  • SH-1 Small Hook


If you have any questions or would like a quote, please contact us at (703) 421-2805 or send us a request at