FD120150 - Crimping Tool - Range: 120 to 150mm2 (4/O to 300MCM) FD120150

SKU FD120150

This heavy duty tool features a 15" handle for added leverage when crimping larger ferrules in the 4/O to 300 MCM crimping range. The tool has two crimping slots as listed below:

  • Slot "120" = 4/O Ferrules
  • Slot "150" = 300MCM Ferrules
Dimensions & Features:

Wire Range: Insulated/Uninsulated Wire Ferrules: 4/O to 300MCM (120.00 to 150.00mm2)
Crimping Profile: Trapezoidal
Tool Material: Hardened steel frame
Handles Material: Ergonomically designed plastic
Crimping Mechanism: Ratchet
RoHS Compliant: Yes

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