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FRFNYD05-078 - Nylon Fully Insulated Female Bullet Connector - Double Crimp - 22-18 AWG

Precio original $3.80 - Precio original $31.20
Precio original
$3.80 - $31.20
Precio actual $31.20
SKU FRFNYD05-078-100
Pack Quantity: 100 Pieces
Tin plated brass bullet type insulated terminals with copper sleeve on terminal barrel. Male and female fit to form a fully insulated in-line splice. This helps prevent shorting or flash-over when disconnected with power on. Double crimp terminals prevent wire terminations from becoming loose under stress or pulled out of the terminal, particularly in areas where vibrations are present

Dimensions & Features:

Wire Range: 22-16 AWG
Color: Clear
W: 2.05mm (0.081")
F: 10.0mm (0.394")
L: 24.8mm (0.976")
B: 11.0mm (0.433")
D: 3.5mm (0.138")
T: 0.3mm (0.012")
Terminal Material: Brass
Insulation Material: Nylon
Temperature Rating: 105°C - 600 Volts
Max AMP Rating: 7 AMP
UL Recognized: No
CE Certified: Yes
RoHS Compliant: Yes

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