FDT10052A - Non Insulated Flag Quick Disconnect Crimping Tool - 12-10AWG


Crimping Tool - Flag Terminals


  • Crimping Tool for Non Insulated Quick Disconnect Flag Terminals.


  • Crimping Range::
    • 12 AWG (4.00mm²)
    • 10 AWG (6.00mm²)
  • Material:
  • Frame: Hardened Steel
  • Die: Precision Die Cast, not pressed, powdered metal
  • Tool's Physical Properties::
    • Body: Hardened Steel
    • Crimping Die: Specially Forged Steel
    • Finish: Burnished
    • Handles: Plastic, ergonomically designed
  • Handles Fully Opened:  Span = 5.6"(14cm.)
  • Crimping Mechanism: Ratchet

This tool is also used to crimp our FLDNY1-187(5), FLDNY1-187(8), FLDNY2-187(5) and FLDNY2-187(8) nylon insulated flag terminals.