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8 to 2 AWG Non Insulated Terminals Crimping Tool, Single Indent, Heavy Duty - FDCT38

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This nearly two-foot long heavy duty crimping tool is designed for non insulated terminals with a two-prong single indent style crimping impression. A set screw at the top of the tool allows for a dial adjustment to select the appropriate crimping slot from 8 AWG to 2 AWG. This tool can be operated with two hands or by placing it on a bench and using the flat side for one handed lever style crimping. Forget the dinky hand-held tools, this two-foot long tool will give you the leverage you need for those tough larger AWG sized crimps!

This tool is suitable for crimping these non insulated terminals: ring terminals, fork/spade terminals, ring tongue terminals, pin terminals, compression lugs, tubular lugs, flag terminals, butt connectors, parallel connectors, and step down connectors.

  • 8 AWG to 2 AWG Range 
  • 22-1/4" Length 
  • Heavy Duty
  • Two-prong Single Indent Impression
  • Easy to operate

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